Maintenance Tips for the Press Brake

Hydraulic System
1. Check the oil tank level on a weekly basis. Check it, for example, after the hydraulic system gets repaired. Refuel the tank when the oil level is lower than the bottom of the oil sight glass.
2. The hydraulic oil for this machine adopts the ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25 oil.
3. Change the oil after the initial 2000 hours of use if it is a new machine and every 4000 to 6000 hours thereafter. Clean the oil tank first prior to refueling.
4. The oil temperature should be controlled within the range between 35℃ and 60℃. Make sure the temperature does not exceed the maximum of 70℃. High temperature would cause damage to the machine parts or oil quality.

1. Replace a new filter for the original one or clean the original filter thoroughly prior to changing the oil.
2. Change the filter if the filter alarm rings or malfunction occurs, which results in bad oil.
3. The air filter fitted onto the oil tank needs to be checked and cleaned every three months. We suggest you change the filter after one year's use.

Hydraulic Parts
1. Clean the hydraulic parts with liquid detergent on a monthly basis, in order to prevent filth entering the system. These parts include the base plate, valve, motor, pump, and oil pipes. Do not use solid detergent.
2. Check the bend parts of the system after the initial one month of use of the new machine to see if there is any deformation. If there is, please change the deformed parts. Tighten the connecting parts after two months of use. This process should be done under the condition that the machine is powered off and there be no pressure in the system.